Thursday, 20 June 2013

Seek & Revive Kilo Sale- Take Two

A couple of weekends ago we were invited down to our second Seek & Revive Kilo sale, which is basically a vintage on a budget shoppers heaven. You buy clothes by weight rather than quantity and pay £15 per Kilo, it works out a total bargain, but you have to be fairly ruthless at the scales sometimes to keep on budget! We always end up going over but it's worth it.

Here are a few snaps from our trip, what we find so good about Seek & Revive is that everything is organised so well and mostly on rails, it makes finding what you're looking for so much easier and less stressful. Things just feel a bit more civilised when you're not head first in a massive bucket scrabbling for items with 5 other girls...strange that....

This PVC catsuit we found was definitely dodgy, Adele is demonstrating the easy access feature...we didn't buy this...

Lucy's skirt of dreams, red suede and the perfect length

Lucy bagged some really cute items including this gorgeous blue dress, for some reason it makes me think of Rainbow Brite. I, on the other hand, decided it would be fun to see how many polka dot items I could wear at once, it's not my best look...

A neatly folded pile of lovelyness.

Thanks for having us again Seek & Revive!


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