Wednesday, 3 April 2013

My House - Kitchen and Living Room

This past year, the boy and I have been renovating and redecorating our flat. It has been stressful,tiring and supremely annoying and there has been blood, sweat and tears. The flat has taken over our life and at times has been a bit of an unweilding beast. Well we have manned the beast and our flat is FINISHED. I cannot stress how happy this makes me! I thought I'd share a few pictures of what the living room and kitchen looked like before and what it has become. (Please excuse the earlier pictures, they are not necessarily at the right angles and in bad light but you get the idea!)

We are really happy with how this room has turned out, before it was pokey, dark and poorly laid out with a ridiculously large hallway and landing area. The door way has been brought forward and the dividing wall knocked down which has helped to open up the space. The kitchen is B&Q Carisbrooke Taupe with handles from Ikea, the large patterned rug and the two free standing kitchen tables, the sofa and kitchen stools are also from Ikea. The TV table is second-hand, found through Ebay and the small table next to the sofa was found at Judy's Vintage Fair (we blogged about it here). On the sofa there is a mixture of cushions, some home-made and some found at vintage/charity shops. 

This room feels really light and airy and it is so lovely to live in. 


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