Friday, 21 June 2013

Fancy Full Friday

This is the dog sitting edition!! This weekend I am dog sitting Bruno, he's a Boston Terrier and he is ridiculously cute! He looks a lot like this guy in this video, so far he hasn't done any flips but he does play a mean game of fetch...

Bruno lives in Greenwich which is an area I've never really spent much time in as it's about as far from Finsbury Park as possible, but I'm excited to be exploring a new area this weekend. I know the Greenwich market is always worth a visit, but any other recommendations would be very welcome!

Lucy is visiting us tonight and we're planning a super girly night of rubbish movies and junk food, who knows we may even have time to do a revamp of the blog and work on our plan to take over the world! Chances are though we'll just end up playing with Bruno a lot!

As you might have seen we've been busy putting some items up on our ASOS marketplace shop, there are some beautiful dresses up and they're so cheap, check them out! We'll be adding more very soon as well so keep your eyes peeled.

I'm heading off the Glastonbury next week and I cannot wait!! I've got the feeling a kimono top may just be the perfect adition to my wardrobe, with the sunshine that's being forecast (fingers crossed) it will be the perfect light cover up. This one and this one are top contenders at the moment.

I'm also really loving the band Night Engine at the moment their song Treat me Like a baby is on constant repeat right now.

Hope you have an awesome weekend, there will undoubtedly be numerous pictures of Bruno coming this way shortly! He pulls the best faces!


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