Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Zest Challenge 2013

On Saturday morning, Nicci, Freya and I donned our trainers and took part in the Zest Challenge 2013 10k Challenge. We hadn't necessarily trained all that much for it so we were a little apprehensive come Saturday morning, however I can safely say that we had such fun whilst doing it and we agreed mid way round to do it all again next year! The course was a cross-country 10k run (some of the hills were so steep) with obstacles dotted around the course. The obstacles helped to break the race up and also provided a lot of entertainment. The water slide (where the steward drenched me from head to to with water) the slippery wall and the pontoon maze were particular highlights.

The photos below were taken  through the mesh of the inflatable at the end, hence the blue tint!

Watch the video to see some beautiful inflatable slide dismounts and our wonderful finish across the line!

So very proud of ourselves at the end with our medals!

See you there next year!


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