Saturday, 29 June 2013

Salad Days

Nicci and I whipped up the tastiest lunch the other Saturday, it involved halloumi and Aubergine with garlic ciabattas and a rather awesome salad. It was one of those lunches that are super simple to make but just taste so darn good!

We rubbed some ciabbata with garlic, srinkled with sea salt and grilled in the oven.

We then thinly sliced the aubergine and thickly sliced the halloumi and popped them in the pan to get cooking

Our super tasty salad had rocket, beetroot, artichokes, tomatoes and cucumber. Expertly prepared by the lovely Nicci. I think that beetroot and artichokes are some of my favourite foods. So bloomin tasty!

I also had some falafel knocking round the fridge so they made an appearance as well. We served it up with tzatziki and I had a ridiculous amount of balsamic vinegar on top. Not too shabby for a Saturday.


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