Friday, 28 June 2013

Fancy Full Fridays

Nicci has abandoned me for Glastonbury this weekend (I am not jealous at all......) where she will hopefully take in the delights of the Rolling Stones, Alt-J, Haim and Kenny Fricking Rogers to name a few! This is the first year in a long while where I have not gone to a 3 day music festival, this felt like a good idea at the start of the year, now I'm not so sure. The reason being, the boy and I are going to Costa Rica in December this year so I'm meant to be saving up for that, I just keep telling myself it'll be worth it when I'm in a rainforest with monkeys!

Anyways this means I am having to distract myself from thinking about all the fun being had in Somerset and enjoy my weekend here..........

I'll be heading to the Crystal Palace Festival on the Sunday to join in the celebration of 'all things vintage'. If you haven't yet journeyed to Crystal Palace, I really recommend it, there are loads of really good second hand and vintage shops. The lovely Boo to a Goose will be there and I've heard that she's bringing 100 dresses.....this could be dangerous!

I'm hopefully going to get baking this weekend. I haven't had time to bake in a while and I am feeling the urge to get the flour and butter out and make something tasty. I think this cake from Bleubird blog may be the one, the savoury flavours are really floating my boat this week.

I have very very nearly finished making a top, it just needs a fastener on the back and it's done and dusted. I have to say I am really quite proud of myself, it's come out looking really quite nice. I'll hopefully be sharing it here very soon. I now have the making bug and really want to get this book and this book and give some of them a go. Hope the instructions are super simple, I was almost outfoxed by my supposedly simple pattern!


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