Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Sunny Sunday

Here at Fancy Full we had possibly the best bank holiday weekend ever. Field day on Saturday was so much fun; good bands. good drink and wonderful company! On Monday we popped to Brighton en masse and frolicked by the sea. We have taken so many pictures and have lots to share so keep your eyes peeled.

The Sunday was an equally fun day, Freya and I spent it enjoying the delights of Tooting. It was more chilled out and had a slightly more relaxed pace than the other days but it was lovely none the less.

1. Pretty plants on the windowsill in Tota. Spherical plants always look good.
2. World's biggest smoothie.
3. Such a tasty veggie breakfast, the bubble squeak cake was the highlight. If you're in the Tooting area I suggest you check out Tota for some tasty fodder.
4. I am starting to wonder if I will ever grow up and eat my crusts?
5. Appreciating the light fittings.
6. Best bank holiday companion....Freya Hirst.
7. Relaxing on Tooting Common.
8. The beautiful common
9. Blonde hair + sunshine
10. This sort of sky will always make me happy.
11. This handsome man joined us for the later part of the afternoon.
12. Some slightly illegally procured wild flowers.

Be sure to check back for Field Day and Brighton posts!

Hope everyone had a great bank holiday.


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