Monday, 20 May 2013

Style Inspiration - Mary Kate Olsen

With our impending group trip to Field Day this Saturday and the beginning of the festival season my mind starts to wonder to what I suppose would be termed 'Festival Style'. As a general rule I don't tend to think of style or dressing in this way but I love the aesthetic that comes with festival dressing and probably spend a lot of my time looking like I'm at festival. 70s style is my go to inspiration for most looks and one person I think epitomises a modern 70s look is Mary Kate Olsen, I am completely in love with what she wore to this year's Met Ball (shown in the second photograph below) The quote in the last photograph is a good mantra for buying vintage and for dressing completely to your own tastes. So if I'm looking to anything for inspiration for getting dressed this Saturday, it's to good ol' MK.

Image 1/Image 2 (cannot find source)/Image 3/Image 4/Image 5/



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