Thursday, 23 May 2013

My week in pictures...

The more eagle eyed reader will have noticed I've been pretty absent over the past few weeks. The reason being my mum has been in hospital having surgery and life has been pretty much taken up entirely with visiting hours and worrying. The good news is though she's now back home with me and doing really well. She had to have a brain tumour removed which thankfully was benign. I've been amazed with how quickly she's got back on her feet and how well she's doing. It's unbelievable how quickly your body can heal itself after something so major as brain surgery.

Other good news is that my sister has come over from Spain to help me and my brother look after her. It's been so lovely to be all together again, even though it hasn't been the best circumstances. We have managed to fit in a few fun things though between visiting hours so here's a little peak for you...

Wednesday- Coordinating my manicure to my iPad was not intentional but did amuse my sister while we were hanging out in the gardens outside the hospital

Thursday- Travel scrabble kept us sane while waiting for mum to come out of surgery. 

Friday- Late night bowling with my sister at Rowan's in Finsbury Park, this has become a regular hangout for me! So much fun plus they have a bar and DJ's and a karaoke booth.

Saturday- Eurovision! Lots of wine was consumed this night. Do you think me and my sister look alike?

Sunday- Rocking my shorts I scored at Seek & Revive with a cosy stripey jumper. Hangover chic.

Monday- I went to see Postal Service at Brixton Academy. They were so amazing! Plus the support band Stealing Sheep were bloomin' lovely!

Tuesday- So excited when I found vanilla coke was back in the shops! I spent many days at university experimenting with ways to make my own vanilla coke, usually unsuccessfully. 

Wednesday- unintentionally matchy matchy shoes and bag. I just love a polka dot!


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