Saturday, 4 May 2013

My House - Hallway

A little while ago I blogged about the finished kitchen and living room, while it's now the turn of my hallway, ooh the excitement!

It was pretty hideous before as you can see in the top picture, thet blue carpet was so dark and the yellowy magnolia walls were really dingy. 

The hand rail has been stripped, the walls painted a light grey and a new runner fitted on the stairs, that short list makes it seem like it was an easy job but we underestimated the time this area would take. We have two flights of stairs and two and a half landings and it seemed to take forever to decorate! 

More pictures will be going up on the walls over time, at the moment it's mainly ones I've found in second-hand and charity shops. We also created an Instagram wall using prints from Prinstagram, I particularly love this and can't wait to update the wall as and when I print more pictures out. 



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