Friday, 26 April 2013

Fancy Full Fridays

Fancy Full Fridays

Freya is coming to visit for the weekend! Excited doesn't even cover it, at the moment the weekend is shaping up to include cocktails, dancing, mexican food, vintage clothes and sewing!

As part of that fun we are heading to Seek and Revive on Saturday which is a new vintage kilo sale we heard about this week. There is apparently a bar on the side, what's not to like! 

I really want these pastel Asos brogues, they will be the perfect spring shoe. I just can't decide whether to get them in this colour way or go for a block colour? Ahh decisions, decisions!

Pick me Up is coming into it's last weekend at Somerset House, I went down a few years ago and they had really good art available at really good prices. It's perfect if you're after some original work for your walls that doesn't break the bank.

After reading this post and then eating loads of macarons in Paris, I really want to have a bash at making them. It can't be that hard right? This seems like the perfect Sunday evening baking task. 

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!



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