Thursday, 25 April 2013

Review- Nip + Fab Glycolic fix

I bought this product on something of a whim, standard, after reading about the marvels of Glycolic acid in a magazine. My skin has been feeling a bit dull and unhappy for a while now, it may be just the winter or my gradually advancing years (sob). Anyway the reviews for these seemed good and the price was reasonable so I ordered them online, free delivery is a win.

They arrived quickly and without fuss, and from the first try I knew we were going to get along. I was concerned they might be too harsh on my skin, Glycolic acid sounds pretty hardcore, but they don't sting at all and for me that is really something. They leave my skin feeling incredibly smooth and also hydrated, I rarely have to moisturise afterwards.

I like to use them at night only, just to make them last a bit longer really, but you could definitely use them twice a day. I feel like after 2 weeks of pretty constant use I can really see an improvement in texture and my skin looks brighter, Lucy noticed it too so it must be doing something. I also seem to have had fewer break outs which is amazing.

I am known to be a bit of a beauty product addict and definitely prone to buying things using them once and then leaving them on a shelf forever more. This is one product that I know I'll finish and go back for more of though. They're so convenient and just work, very impressed!


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