Monday, 29 April 2013

Take me back...

Sometimes, do you ever just wish for time machine to take you back to those simpler times? I'm feeling like that a little bit at the moment, and find I'm regressing back to listening to the music I used to love when I was about 15, it's like a time machine in music form...

I would go out to the local MVC (did that shop exist anywhere other than Kendal?) or to the outdoor market, or just steal albums from my older sisters' room (sorry Vic!). I would pick up anything and everything from the cheapo sections and hope that it would be good! Usually it worked out, and I found some of my favourite bands that way, other times not so much. But I loved the thrill of discovery that came with each buy and with listening to an album start to finish over and over (something I almost never do now).

Now that I have to be a grown up and deal with grown up things, I'm looking back fondly on those days and digging out those albums again. The coming weeks are going to be a testing time for my family but we're sticking together and I know we'll come out the other side stronger. Sometimes it takes something big to make you take stock and realise what's important in life and for me, my family and friends are the most important things. And while I know everything will be OK it's going to be tough so perhaps regressing somewhat will help me to get through and keep smiling.

Here's a little sampler then of my youth (click the link below), I am not saying I had good taste in music, usually quite the opposite! But these tracks I've chosen are some of the better ones, ones that have stayed with me and that I still go back to, I've filtered out most of the more questionable choices for you. I hope you enjoy and I'd love to know what songs always make you feel better when life's getting on top you, I could do with some suggestions.

Take me back...


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