Sunday, 21 April 2013

Brighton up your day...

Yesterday was the most glorious day and exactly what I needed after what has been a rather stressful week. Doesn't everything just feel better when the sun is out and you're beside the seaside. Here are some snapshots from Brighton, some courtesy of my lovely friend Laura who was much better at remembering to photograph things than me, thanks Laura! I must try harder...

We started the day in the best possible way with, with a humongous breakfast. This was exactly what I needed after my early morning run.

This breakfast was amazing but also a little bit obscene!! I almost finished it but it got the better of me, so good though. Definitely excellent value...

The Beautiful Brighton Pavillion, we sat here for some tea and cake and to soak up the atmosphere, there was a sort of barber shop trio playing some jazzy little numbers and people covering every spare inch of grass with picnic blankets, so lovely.

Bare legs for the first time this year!! There were a few people dazzled by the white-ness but luckily no one got hurt.

We played on the slot machines (I didn't win) went on the waltzers (we were all nearly sick) got candy floss and enjoyed the free deck chairs, then had a lovely dinner before heading back to London, tired but very happy.

I hope your weekend has been just as wonderful.


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  1. Visiting a new place with wonderful scenery, eating huge and delicious meal, and enjoys playing slot machines are the greatest experiences to have over a weekend! You definitely know how to have fun.