Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Wilton's Music Hall

Last weekend the whole gang was reunited for a weekend of fun! To quote Mattie we all had "such a zest for life " that weekend!! First stop was the beautiful historic Wilton's Music hall. Wilton's is the world's oldest surviving music hall, it is simply stunning. Just walking into the place gave me shivers, you could really feel the history. We saw their production of The Great Gatsby, which has now sadly finished it's run.

We all loved this production so much and it was so cleverly done, from the set to the staging to the music, every detail was so well thought out and completely charming. In between scenes the cast provided the music by singing music from the 20's accapello. What we all loved about this production was that they kept it simple and didn't rely on costumes and fancy props to give it impact, the talent of the actors and the story itself were really allowed to shine through.

Of course we couldn't help but have a few posery photos outside the theatre afterwards, which very quickly descended into hysterics. We really must practice our stylish blogger poses!! 

Nicci, Lucy, Freya & Mattie,


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