Friday, 22 March 2013

Fancy Full Friday

 Pictures from the Photoautomat in Berlin with my lovely friends Heather, Gemma and Megan.

 So this week for me has been a good one! I got back from Berlin on Monday and so have only worked a four day week, this is always excellent news! It was also my birthday yesterday and I had a lovely day, the boy did really good on the present front and he took me for a delicilious dinner as well.

Here's where we went for dinner. Abbeville Kitchen is really worth the trip, we ate a lot of lovely food and drank a lot of lovely wine. There was a lovely atmosphere in the restaurant, it was relaxed but fancy enough to feel that you had properly gone out for dinner. I can heartily recommend the fish stew and everyone in the world should eat their red cabbage, it was the best I'd ever tasted!

I've been on it with exercising for the past few weeks as I took up the £40 for 30 consecutive days offer at Good Vibes. I've been going to yoga at 7.30am before work and whilst I've been having a little tired slump around 11am on the whole it's not nearly as bad as I thought it would be at that time of the morning! They also do power plate classes, I've only been to one but I am going to do a few more classes next week.

I've been looking on Pinterest for quilting inspiration for one of my goals for the Year of 26. Have a look  at some of the ones I've been pinning for inspiration. I'm popping to Leeds for Easter and so will be speaking to my Grandma, who is a crafting queen, about how to get started!

I already own a pair of short dungarees which I loved wearing last summer but I'm trying to decide whether I can pull off a full length pair. I love these and I like the check pattern on these but will I look like a farmer? Maybe I should just take the plunge and try some on!

Anyways that's me this week, hope everyone has a wonderful Friday!



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