Monday, 25 March 2013


Here are a few of the snaps I took whilst visiting Berlin last weekend. It was so cold, but otherwise it was wonderful. I have a lot of love for Berlin and I always find something interesting and fun to do.

Whilst I was there I went to the Photography Museum, it's far and away one of my favourite museums. As well as it being the National Photography Museum for Germany it's also houses the Helmut Newton Foundation. It has a permanent exhibition of 'Helmut Newton's Private Property', as well as individual exhibitions on Helmut Newton's work and his contemporaries.If you have an interest in photography I can't recommend it enough.

The East Side Gallery was really interesting and although the grafitti is beautiful it definitely has a sad tinge when you think of all that has gone on in the past.

Lovely lady friends.

Its fast becoming a tradition that we have to have pictures taken in one of the many Photoautomats dotted around the city. We ended up going about three times and one of the strips my friend Heather and I look like Russian spies!

Ahh the waffle place, I was never waffle fan until I came here. So tasty! And the cafe is really well decorated inside. I don't know the exact address but it's near Mauerpark where they have a really good flea market on a Sunday.

And as usual I shopped whilst I was there, although compared to last time I bought practically nothing!

 Denim Top, Black dress, Red cotton top all from Garage Vintage Shop. Cushion cover and plate from Mauerpark flea market and (shamefully) Carebear pyjamas from Primark!

We were really quite lame and I took the Carebear pyjama bottoms and my friend Gem took the top. Almost the pyjama version of those friendship necklaces from the 90s!


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