Tuesday, 19 March 2013

It's my birthday this week (on Thursday) and for some reason I'm not feeling all that birthdayesque. I'm a massive fan of birthdays and normally get very excited about my own and others.

As I will be over half way through my twenties and definitely should be slightly more grown up than I am now, I'm doing a very bloggery thing and setting 6 goals for my year of being 26.

1. I want to make a quilt, a proper one that can be treasured and handed down to any future children I may be lucky to have. Does anyone have any quilting tips?

2. Carrying on with the crafting theme, I want to make a piece of clothing, possibly a dress? I have made various cushions etc but never a piece of clothing. I have a whole stack of vintage clothing patterns and I am determined to use one of them to make something for me to wear.

3. I hope that this is the year I make a few good strides in my career. I am currently at a bit of an impasse  when it comes to work (I work at a dance charity) and I want to decide exactly what course it should take.

4. I want to aim to reduce how much I buy from the high street and other 'first hand places'. I love secondhand, charity and vintage shopping and I already don't spend too much on the high street but I want to aim to consciously keep this to a minimum.

5. Eat well! I go through phases of eating well but I want to aim to make this a constant thing. Damn you chocolate and cake! (I am in no way going to stop eating these items, just make it less regular!)

6. Be tidy. I am not the tidiest of people and when I was younger I just assumed one day I would grow up into a tidy adult. Whilst I have grown into an adult, I am definitely lacking in the tidy stakes. Luckily for me I live with a very lovely tidy man who tends to tidy up my messes. We have a housework split (I do all the cooking and he does all the cleaning) but I need to make sure I put my clothes away, tidy my life crap and keep things organised!

Hopefully these aims will help me to have an awesome year of being 26 and will make turning 27 next year a lot more fun!

Let me know if you have any advice on my goals and is there anything you're hoping to achieve this year?



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