Thursday, 17 January 2013

Some Books I Read

When I was little, you could not get my head out of a book. I would often not hear people talking to me, I would bring books to the table at meals, and I would take them out and about with me - even if I wasn’t going to get a chance to read it I had to have it with me, just in case. I think reading for study can take the pleasure out of reading a bit, and since finishing my MA this summer I have rediscovered that joy and total absorption I had when I was wee. So I thought I would share with you some of the books that have won my heart. I don’t claim to be any kind of expert, so these are just the opinions of one former bookworm.

When I saw the film trailer for Life of Pi this autumn, my first thought was, well that looks absolutely wonderful, my second was hmm think I’m a tad behind the rest of the world. If a film is being made of a book you have bought but haven’t read, you probably need to bump it up the list. So I did, and I see why they went with the film. I felt so uplifted and so saddened by that story of pure survival. The storytelling and imagery were just wonderful. It does still make me a little blue thinking about it now though. Not sure if they’ve thought this big epic 3D movie through...although the Oscar nominations seem to prove me wrong!

Before that, I played catch up in an entirely different way, reading Wuthering Heights and Jane Eyre in quick succession, two of those books that so many people talk about (and Kate Bush sings about) but I still just hadn’t found the time to read. Both are brilliant and frustrating and heart breaking. I disliked pretty much every character in Wuthering Heights, but could not stop reading just hoping and waiting for the tiny flicker of hope you get at the end. And is it wrong that Mr Rochester is in some ways me dream man? Jane Eyre is my new hero, just plodding through a hard life but with such wisdom and sense of self. I am now planning a trip to the Bronte country to see if I can’t find a brooding chap hanging about, and if that fails hopefully some inspiration for genius. 

And also look at the cool dudes adorning my book mark.....


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