Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Look what I made!

Unlike Nicci and Lucy, I don’t really cook. I claim I can’t, but on the TV show Can’t Cook, Won’t Cook (remember that? Amazing!) I would definitely be on the Won’t team. However, I’ve been branching out a bit, and I successfully created some dishes over the festive period that I was quite proud of.

 I have included some pictures of what I believe were my best bits. They include: A California Christmas Cake (generously doused in sherry); Banana, Date & Apricot Muffins (I made mini loaves cos I couldn’t resist the cases); Sweet potato and lentil filo parcels; Honey-roasted parsnip soup (picture of the honey and roasting process as a picture of soup would be rather dull); and the big Festive family meal I made all by myself including a Butternut squash Jalousie, fruity red cabbage, brussell sprouts with sticky shallots, and crispy sage potatoes (aka Grenade Potatoes to Mattie Hirst).

On the back of this, I have decided that cooking more shall be my new resolution – I’m going to aim for one new recipe a week and the rest of the Fancy Full ladies are attempting this for a month as well! And to make it more fun for myself, I am going to create a beast of a scrapbook full of all the successes for future reference, but made all pretty! My very own recipe book – watch out Delia.



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