Wednesday, 9 October 2013

FMS photo a day // Monthly challenge

photo credit: fatmumslim
This month me and my mum decided to do something new and have a go at the fat mum slim photo a day challenge. You get a list of things to photograph (above) but the specifics are up to you. It's been really interesting to see the different ways me and my mum have interpreted the cues, as well as everyone else taking part. It's also been really nice doing this with my mum as we live so far apart it's a fun way to find out a little bit about each other's day which we wouldn't necessarily have shared otherwise. Here are my photos so far...

From top, left to right: something colourful, light, you today, motion, afternoon, 8 O'clock, what you saw today, corner.

Are any of you doing the photo a day challenge? You can follow me on Instagram @nicci_in_love if you want to play along! I'm still working on thinking of something pink to photograph...



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