Thursday, 15 August 2013

Moonblush tomatoes // Get in my mouth

This is just about the easiest recipe imaginable and almost doesn't really count as a recipe, but the flavour is amazing and will jazz up even the simplest of dishes and it saves so much money over shop bought sun dried tomatoes, I'm never going back. 

The recipe for these "Moonblush tomatoes" is a Nigella Lawson one available here. Basically you just cut up and arrange cherry tomatoes as above. Pre-heat your oven to the hottest it will go. Sprinkle tomatoes with a little sea salt, sugar, dried thyme and olive oil. Pop them in to the oven and immediately turn the oven off. Then leave them overnight or all day and don't be tempted to peek! So simple!

I actually ended up doubling the cooking as mine didn't seem to dry out very well after one day in the oven, they were quite big cherry tomatoes. So I did them overnight as well and was so excited to wake up and eat them on toast that I forgot to take any pretty pictures. However I did manage to photograph them being added to our very basic evening meal of pasta and homemade walnut pesto. They really added an incredible intense flavour which made the whole dish seem a bit more special than it was. I'm already planning to make another batch tonight and am dreaming up all sorts of ways to use them.




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