Monday, 12 August 2013

Macrame hanging planters

For those of you who don't know, which won't be many as I bemoan this to just about anyone I meet,  I live in the teeniest of little studio flats with my boyfriend. Sadly unlike Lucy I do not have the luxury of a dressing room or even a wardrobe of my own (I share mine with Ed, so hard!!). So anything which is space saving is a dream come true for me.

Since moving to London I've really missed having a garden and being able to grow things. I've been successfully keeping alive a basil plant from Tesco for a few months now and it got me feeling confident and wanting more. We really lack surface spaces where plants can sit and I find they tended to look a bit messy, so I hunted around on Pinterest for hanging planters and found this little tutorial. I won't rehash it here as I couldn't explain it half as well, but basically I followed it and was pretty pleased with the results.

I just used some cheap string I found in Tiger, the tutorial recommends using a thin rope but that just seemed a bit pricey for me and I had this string hanging around doing nothing. I used these sticky hooks on the ceiling so I didn't need to put a hole in the ceiling (we're renting and I'm pretty sure that's frowned upon). Just make sure you check the weight of your plant and how much the hooks will hold, I used two hooks for each plant just to be safe.

I even started to get confident and come up with my own variations on the original tutorial, it really is very very easy to do Macrame!! If you can tie a knot you're going to be just fine. One top tip I did work out is that it is a lot easier to do if you have some way of anchoring your strings together so you can keep your tension even, like when you used to make friendship bracelets and asked your friend to hold the ends for you. I worked out that a bulldog clip attached to my duvet worked pretty well for me and meant I could lie around in bed whilst making these, win!

I have now added a mint plant and a pretty succulent with pink flowers to the collection and am feeling very happy!



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