Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Zest 10k Challenge

Nicci, Freya and myself signed up to the Zest 10k Challenge a while back this year. I think it's safe to say we had all pushed it to the backs of all our minds until recently. The challenge is on 15th June so it's about a month and a half away! We have now realised how close to the day it is and we have all been getting our run on in preparation!

We have all previously ran at least 10k (Nicci ran a half marathon last year) so we should be okay with the distance, however the added fun is the OBSTACLES!

We're talking inflatable slide, zig-zag balance beams, a spider's web (?) and a pontoon maze! It's safe to say it's not your average run. We're not bothered about the time we do it in, we mainly want to have some fun and get fit whilst doing it.

We've discussed various possible outfits for the run and at the moment the look below is winning......

Wish us luck!



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