Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Puppy bomb

Fluffington Post found via Oh Hello Friend
Sometimes, when I'm feeling a little bit blue or frayed around the edges, Lucy or Freya will email me a picture of something cute or pretty or just plain awesome to cheer me up. We've had shoe bombs, puppy bombs and also a graduation bomb. It's not as scary as it sounds initially, it's just a cute picture when you're not expecting it that brightens up your day a little. Clips of animals/babies doing silly things on YouTube also work a treat for this purpose.

I found this little gem while browsing Oh, Hello Friend, which is the most gorgeous blog that has pretty much the same effect upon the soul as a puppy bomb does and makes me long for beautiful writing paper and letter stamps and stationary in general, check it out.

Anyway enjoy this Puppy bomb, with this weather I'm sure we could all do with it. Any suggestions for cute videos on YouTube/ heart warming pictures much appreciated also.


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