Friday, 8 March 2013

Fancy Full Fridays

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 I think the weather this week has really confuddled me, the lovely warm, sunny weather on Tuesday was glorious but the weather gods were merely taunting us and now its so dull, grey and damp! It's made this week feel very strange and long. Anyways it's Friday, let's all rejoice!

All the Fancy Full ladies are going to Great Gatsby at Wilton's Music Hall on Saturday. I am beyond excited as it is one my favourite books and I cannot wait to see it in the theatre. And the little cherry on top is that it's being performed in Wilton's Music Hall which is one of the earliest music halls.

We are being so very 90s on Saturday night and having a slumber party! We'll be watching this and this, ultimate slumber party films! I cannot wait to watch Clueless again, Cher's wardrobe is the dream!

Obviously we need amazing snacks at the party so we'll definitely making a batch of this and probably making up more random popcorn toppings, I'm already planning some sort of dark chocolate extravaganza!

All we need now is some amazing pyjamas to lounge around in and life on Saturday will be pretty darn good!

And if that wasn't enough on Sunday we're going to take a look at The Vintage Event at Balham Bowl's Club, because it just wouldn't be the weekend without a trip to a vintage fair!

Hope eveyone has a glorious Friday!


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