Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Weekend in the city

On Friday after work I headed on down to Earl's Court to see Bloc Party at one of the last gigs to be held at Earl's Court. The last gig was on Saturday and it was Example, the less said about that the better really. It seems to me like a crying shame for such an iconic venue to go out with that, but what can you do?

I had never been to Earl's Court before Friday and actually almost didn't make it then either! Just as I was settling down on the tube my friend Seb jokingly asked "you've got your ticket right?" and I realised, with that cold dread, that in fact no I didn't have my ticket and promptly leapt off the train just before the doors closed. Then realised I was on my own! After a quick jog home I was back on my way though and I'm so glad I made it even if, as Lucy put it, Bloc Party are "rather retro", I had a pretty fantastic retro time.

Their new songs aren't, in my opinion, up to so much, but the golden oldies were fantastic and I felt about 15 again when the mosh pit broke out right in front of us during Flux and we had to jump or be jumped on! Their lasers were pretty epic too! Nothing like a proper sweaty gig on a Friday to kick off the weekend and forgot your weekday woes. They didn't play my favourite song though, "So here we are", but I'll forgive them.


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