Monday, 18 February 2013

Week in pictures

This week in pictures comes to you a little later than usual as we have had possibly the most exciting weekend ever! Lucy and I rode the mega bus on up to Leeds to surprise our lovely bestie Miss Freya! Full details and photos to follow soon! But for now here's a little sneak peak and some other bits and pieces for your perusal...
Sunday: I spent a blissful Sunday record shopping in Crouch End with Edmund, these were all £1.50 each!
Monday: Boxfit with Lucy, we got the instructor to take this for us! We're cool kids!
Tuesday: pancake day with this guy, look how proud he is of his pancake flipping, too cute!
Wednesday: not sure why I took this but lab coats and goggles always amuse me!
Thursday: Valentines day roses, this is the first time I've ever had roses
Friday: Cheeky stop off at Drink Shop Do for craft supplies and a tea before hitting the mega bus, all will be revealed about what we made soon, it's awesome!
Saturday: this sort of explains itself, the result of rum and a surprise reunion = an excellent night out in Leeds.

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