Friday, 15 February 2013

Fancy Full Friday

Hurrah it's Friday again! Everyone breathe a collective sigh of relief. With all the excitement this week over pancakes and love hearts I couldn't be more ready to carry it on through for the weekend. So here are a few of my picks for you all to enjoy.

I'm feeling the party mood this weekend so will be having a go at making these mojitos, they look so good.

This dress makes me want to party on down! It's summery but not so much it couldn't be paired with tights and a slouchy cardigan for our current climes, love it.

Obviously all this partying will be taking place to the soundtrack of our party valentines playlist!

I'm thinking the day after all those mojitos and partying I'll be needing a good breakfast, this place is one of my favourites. Their scrambled eggs and smoked salmon are amazing not to mention the cakes!

To me this sounds like the most perfect place on earth, knitting, sausage dogs and a cafe all combined! I'm sold, see you there.

Whatever you do have a fantastic weekend!


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