Saturday, 23 February 2013

Party Box

We went to surprise Freya in Leeds last weekend as she has just moved into her new house and we are super nosey people! I have to say surprising Frey was the most fun I'd had in ages, we roped in Mattie and Elaine (Mama Hirst) into our schemes and they did excellently, making fake plans to ensure we could snare her. 

We decided to make what became known as the Party Box as a house warming present, it was basically a box full of the ingredients to make the tastiest mojitos. 

So the party box was essentially a pimped up shoe box! We covered it in brown paper and decorated with various vintage ribbons and the word 'party' in washi tape. We decorated all the jam jars with ribbons, gave the bottles a little bow tie and drew an amusing face on one of the limes.

And here we are super proud of all the crafting! 

We based our mojiots on this recipe but we didn't have sugar syrup so just used soft brown sugar, we also added raspberries into the cocktail and they were super tasty.

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