Friday, 22 February 2013

Fancy Full Fridays

Hope everyone has had a happy week and here's hoping that the weekend will be wonderful!

Continuing my current obsession with rings this guy is rather cute. Obviously I would customise with an L. Could be a potential replacement for the lost pinky ring (still in mourning for that one!)

The Vintage Kilo Sale is back this weekend. Nicci and I will be there with our rummaging heads on, not that we need to add any more clothes to the massive collections we appear to amassed. If you haven't already visited the Kilo Sale you definitely should, it's always provides me with a good little collection of new to me threads.

This Etsy shop is a current favourite of mine at the moment, the cushions are a thing of beauty.

The Roy Lichtenstein retrospective at the Tate Modern is another must see exhibition which hopefully I will go see very soon.

This recipe for spelt banana bread is currently rocking my world. I've made it twice and both times it has been super tasty. It could not be any simpler to make and believe me the results are worth it every time!

Happy Fridays Everyone!


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