Monday, 4 February 2013

Judy's Affordable Vintage Fair

So the lovely Nicci and I went to Judy's Affordable Vintage Fair in Spitalfield's market this weekend. Although it was disturbingly cold, good times were had by all. I managed to get some good swag, I snagged a large vintage suitcase (that can be used as a travelling wardrobe) a little table for the living room, a woven cushion, a sideplate and a little jug.  Pretty good going I must say!

The lovely Becky Bedbug snapped our picture for her blog, she had the best bag collection ever, one of them had t-rexs on it. See what we sported to the fair below (In retrospect I really regretted my lack of socks, so cold - Nicci).

Lucy: Topshop hat, Charity shop coat, Cambridge Satchel,  Joy skirt and Clark's boots.
Nicci: Hat from Bristol market, Laura Ashley Coat, Zara shirt, Vintage cardigan, Topshop jeans, Vintage shoes
Here are some more snippets from our lovely day out, which we topped off with a trip to Leon to warm up our toes, eat cake and admire our purchases. Lucy enjoyed an intimate dinner with her suitcase, while I couldn't wait to get my amazing scotty dogs jumper on! Best knitwear ever? I also picked up an old knitting magazine and a cross stitch pattern  (£1 for both!), as well as a Paul Simon record (I am more than a little obsessed with him!) and this awesome Rocky Horror Show record. Excellent haul I think!

Lucy and Nicci

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