Tuesday, 5 February 2013

ANZAC biscuits

There's a coffee shop just around the corner from my work which sells, no kidding, the world's most delicious cookies. I'd never heard of them before but having googled ANZAC biscuits it would seem they're rather old hat especially to our friends down under. They're sort of a love child of a hobnob and a bounty, they're chewy and oaty and subtly coconutty and so deliciously moreish, even more moreish than Wheetos and I never thought that would be possible.

Anyway seeing as I was in serious danger of spending a small fortune on biscuits every day I decided I had better have a go at making them. I followed this basic recipe from BBC Good Food, 122 reviewers can't be wrong! But having recently been enlightened to the numerous wonders of coconut oil I thought i'd have a go at substituting the butter for coconut oil instead. Coconut oil has so many health benefits associated with it and if you're interested in finding out more then I suggest you start by reading this. Not only is good to eat but it's also amazing for your skin and as a hair mask, but that's a whole other post.

So here are your basic ingredients, nothing complicated and actually most of it I had in the cupboard already, remember you can just use butter instead of coconut oil if you're not sure you want to invest yet.

This is how coconut oil looks at room temperature, it's solid but it melts very easily. The beauty of it is though that the chemical structure is incredibly stable even when frying at very high heats, which means the fatty acids do not alter to become trans fats, which are really bad for you. One more reason coconut oil rocks. Just melt the coconut oil in place of the butter in the recipe and then follow the rest of the instructions a writ.

Stare longingly into oven while they bake and admire their oaty coconutty forms so full of potential for some where between 8-10 minutes.

Here they are! Excuse the blury photograph, this was actually the best of the bunch. I think I was too eager to start eating them! So tasty and almost as good as the ones from the coffee shop, and probably a little bit healthier! This recipe is a keeper.


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