Friday, 25 January 2013

Fancy Full Fridays - Homes Edition

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I haven't mentioned on the blog yet that I am currently three quarters of the way through renovating our flat which at times has been fairly challenging and stressful. But we rounded a corner in the New Year and we are on the home straight! Here are a few things from around and about that I want to include in the beautiful abode........

This wall hook from Etsy may come in handy in the second bedroom (aka my wardrobe room) for displaying hats. necklaces and some of the pretty items of clothing I appear to have acquired through years of vintage shopping.

I seriously love these storage buckets, I think they maybe a necessity for all our bits and bobs that seem to be floating round.

This house makes me swoon. We have just painted our hallway grey and I am completely in love with it. This house has provided me with some inspiration and has some beautiful pictures and decoration. After I've lived in my flat can I go live here?

This wardrobe system has answered all my issues with my clothing storage. I did some scale drawings that hurt my head but I think I've cracked it.

You can follow along with the renovations plans at Fancy Full's Pinterest and on our Instagram account.

Wish me luck for painting this weekend, Happy Friday!



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