Wednesday, 5 December 2012

What Lucy Wore

I wish I could say that getting dressed on a morning is an easy job, however it rarely is! I try to think in the shower about what I want to wear that day and then by the time I come to actually donning some clothes in theory I should have decided what to wear. This very rarely works, I normally sit in front of my wardrobe for a good ten minutes staring at all the clothes whining about not knowing what to wear (I'm not a morning person in case you hadn't realised!) In my fantasy world I have the computer Alicia Siverstone has in Clueless with the rotating wardrobe that helps me to pick!

However here a few pictures of the clothes that I eventually decided to wear this week.

Outfit 1, worn to work: Illustrated People Jumper, Vintage Skirt, Topshop Boots, Vintage Necklace
Rings: Mixture of vintage,inherited and presents from loved ones.

Outfit 2, worn to V&A: Vintage Coat, Charity Shop Jumper (worn as dress), Topshop Boots and Hat
Outfit 3, worn out and about on Sunday: Jacket from Vintage Kilo Sale, Vintage and Cardigan, Topshop Boots and Hat.

Lucy xx

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