Saturday, 22 December 2012

La Fromagerie

For part of Bish's Christmas present I decided to take him to feast on cheese. He adores cheese and would happily live in a world made of cheese, I myself am not too mad keen on the stuff but I am a super lovely girlfriend (he would probably disagree on this front!)

I kept the cheese feasting a surprise and we made our way to La Fromagerie in Marylebone with Bish completely unaware  Once he got there he seemed pretty happy with his gift and set about eating a serious amount of cheese (the boy should have been plagued with ridiculously cheesy nightmares).

I had the mackerel pate with a side of artichoke hearts

Bish had a giant cheese plate. I even tried some, was pretty tasty.....for cheese.

Mimosas are always good (please excuse the chipped nail varnish)

We went for a lovely stroll to Regent's Park to walk off all that cheese and alcohol.

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