Thursday, 29 August 2013

Waterloo Sunset // Adventures

Last week I decided to take a little holiday at home and spend some time exploring London. It's funny but even having lived here for over two years now I still don't feel like I know it, and I haven't been to even half of the tourist attractions. I would usually avoid the real honey traps on a regular day and do the typical Londoner muttering complaints under my breath. But this week I merrily mooched about with my map and camera just like the rest of the tourists, and I loved it!!

Here are a few of my snaps...

Central St Martin's looking like Ziggy Stardust next to Regents Canal...

 A slightly rainy trip on the London Eye, the views were still incredible though and the queue was really quite quick too.

We did so many other fun things but mostly I forgot to take pictures, I'm really bad a remembering! But I'm off to Barcelona this week to visit my big sister and will make much more of an effort to document things! 

Do you have a favourite place in London you'd like to share? I'm always looking for new places to try out and have especially caught the tourist bug since my week off. Please let me know! 


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