Monday, 15 April 2013

South West Jumble Sale

This weekend featured a lot of secondhand shopping, but that's how we like at Fancy Full! On the Saturday we went to The Vintage Kilo Sale (a blog post will follow very soon) and we followed that up on the Sunday with the South West Jumble which was held at The Battersea Mess and Music Hall. Whilst it was small, there was definitely some goodies to be unearthed.

Lucy scored:
Ketchup on Everything 'Rock Out' Canvas bag
Ketchup on Everything Egg and Soilders Tea Towel
Wonderfully 90s grunge pink slip dress

Nicci scored:
Ketchup on Everything 'Dandy Lion' Canvas Bag
Gloriously springesque floral shirt
Super cute ribbon trim

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Lucy and Nicci


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