Friday, 5 April 2013

Fancy full Friday

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I am loving that it's Friday already, thank you long weekend! I hope you all had a wonderful break over the Easter weekend, mine was full of family and food which is exactly what I needed to recharge my batteries after pounding the streets of Madrid with my sister last week. We had a fabulous time and there are pictures coming soon I promise, once I can upload them from my new camera onto my laptop which is currently in Leicester...

Anyway high up on my to do list this weekend is visiting the Schwitters in Britain exhibition at the Tate. I never realised but Schwitters actually died in the town I grew up in, Kendal. I discovered this while in the Reina Sofia museum in Madrid and had to do a double take when I saw that next to one of his works. Hardly anything exciting happens in Kendal and I couldn't believe I'd missed this!

Another reason for wanting to visit this exhibition is that British Sea Power (one of Kendal's other claims to fame) have done a sound installation for the exhibition which would be really interesting to experience. British Sea Power are a band I grew up watching, I remember some really early sweaty gigs at the tiny John Boste Social Club (where I had my 18th birthday party) and it's amazing to see how far they come.

Even though this week has been a short one, it doesn't mean I have been procrastinating at least a little bit of my time looking at this amazing Tumblr. Thanks to Emerald Street  for the heads up, this made my week!

This week I am mostly dreaming of owning this sofa for some reason.  It just makes my little IKEA sofa bed look so sorry for itself, with the cushions always slipping off and suspect stains from late night kebabs (thanks Ed).

If I had any money left to my name at all, I would definitely be visiting Frock Me this weekend. It's on this Sunday at Chelsea Town Hall and I have no doubt it will be excellent, they have the best vintage.

Have a fantastic weekend whatever you end up doing!


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