Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Fancy Full Frolics at Judy's

This is the final of our Judy's posts, we took so many pictures we couldn't fit them all in one! This is actually a sort of out takes post, all the goofy photos of us that didn't make the "serious blogger" posts. Just look how happy Nicci is at the sight of a boar head......simple things with this girl!


Sadly the big pointing finger cuts out Lucy's Epic photo taking face, next time though people I will capture it in all its squinty, tongue sticking out glory!



Lucy got into the weirdest positions for snapping pics, there was some serious lunging action happening! Everyone loves a good lunge.

Chambray shirt: Primark, Yellow Jumper: Charity shop, Daisy print skirt: H&M, Vintage Brogues, Bag: Cambridge satchel company, Stupid face: Models own

Charity Shop coat, Vintage tunic, H&M shirt, Topshop Jeans and Clark's Boots

We had fun and frolics with our complimentary bunch of flowers,  we attracted a few stares but we were too cheery to care!

Lucy added the round red suitcase to her growing suitcase collection, the obsession needs to calm down! You can't really tell on this photo, but the suitcase is called Tiara, how is a girl supposed to resist that? (also please ignore the mess in the background, DIY results in a messy house!)

So that concludes our weekend adventures! Thanks again to Judy's for having us, we had a ball!

Lucy & Nicci

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