Friday, 1 February 2013

Fancy full Friday

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It's finally February! Pinch punch first of the month, white rabbits etc (now you understand the picture I hope). So for me yesterday was finally payday, 6 weeks without being paid has led to rather a long wish list accumulating! Cue many celebrations and a flurry of activity on eBay before realising it was mostly spent before it even arrived. Ho hum never mind, I'm still dreaming anyway so without further ado, here are my lovely Fancy Full Friday picks...

Lucy and I will be visiting Judy's affordable vintage fair at Spittalfields market this Saturday for a good old rummage around. Excited!

Seriously contemplating hopping on the boucle trend with this little Topshop number, so pretty! Also just wishing I could buy up the whole of Topshop as usual, but especially these beauties.

I'll be catching up with the latest episodes of My Mad Fat Diary this weekend, I was pretty sceptical about it but after watching the first episode last week I'm pretty hooked.

I am seriously head over heels for this nail varnish, it has actual diamonds in it! Yes it's ridiculous, yes it's super pricey, yes it's really rather silly, but they're diamonds! Plus the colour is just gorgeous, definitely justifiable...

Trying to persuade Lucy to take me to here, I can pretend I'm there for the gorgeous architecture while satisfying my guilty love of bingo.

Mostly listening to the new Everything Everything album and trying to decided whether I like it or not. I saw them play the new album at Village Underground in November last year and it didn't really grab me then, but I'm determined to give it a fair chance to grow on me. I already like the singles so I'm keeping the hope alive for the album.

And dreaming of making one of these adorable dollhouses out of vintage suitacases. I have absolutely no need and no space for one, but they are gorgeous!

Have a fabulous weekend!


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