Thursday, 10 January 2013

What Nicci wore

At the weekend Lucy came to visit me in North London (she crossed the river for me, this is real) and we took a little walk around Finsbury Park, which is my local park. It was a pretty grey day but the first signs of Spring were beginning to come through in the park and we had a lovely time bopping around there and only got creeped on twice by weirdos, hey it is Finsbury Park after all, you kind of expect it. 


We decided that this is my flasher pose, so I've included it for your enjoyment and to warn you. You can find me in parks across London pulling this pose to innocent bystanders because that's just how I roll...


Clearly I am very taken with that little fella, the joy on my face says it all- she really needs to get out more.

My rather lovely "Colonel Mustard" vintage shirt ordered from the Tea and Tulips boutique all the way from Miami. It also has some rather fancy sleeves which I would have shown off but it really was bloody cold. Another time. 

Weirdo number two was skulking just down the path from this photo and trying to offer his services to take mine and Lucy's photos together so this was about the only shot where I'm not in fits of giggles really. Anyway that about sums the day from my side, Lucy will fill you in on her outfit soon.


Cardigan- Vintage
Shirt- Tea and Tulips boutique
Necklace- Oliver Bonas (christmas present)
Jeans- Topshop
Boots- Dorothy Perkins (in the sales)
Bag- Cambridge satchels

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