Tuesday, 15 January 2013

My new obsession

This christmas my lovely mama taught me how to knit. She has patiently attempted this in the past on a few occasions but I always gave up too soon in frustration, but this year I was determined! My sister bought me some lovely soft wool and bamboo knitting needles and as serendipity would have it there was a knitting pattern for a scarf featured in Company magazine this month which looked lovely so I gave it a go...

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This pattern was in the January edition of Company magazine and I did have to alter it a little bit as the instructions to make the rib knit at either end of the scarf were a little bit wrong, but luckily mama Robbo knew what she was doing and it was all good. My sister gave me some size 7 bamboo needles for christmas with some lovely cream chunky wool so I adapted the pattern to fit my materials and had to cast on 28 stitches to make it wide enough instead of the recommended 14. It isn't as chunky or loose looking as the one in the magazine, but I'm super proud of it anyway!

So this is the beginning of my first ever item of knitting, and yes those are my PJ's and socks, this was during the Christmas holidays after all and PJ's are mandatory at all times unless you absolutely have to get dressed to go outside! At least I had the decency to hide the remains of selection boxes from view...

Here we are a few days down the line and the scarf is really starting to take shape now, plus I am out of my PJ's. What I liked best about this pattern was that doing it in the moss stitch kept things interesting and it feels so squishy and soft! I only had two balls of wool in my stash and the shop had sold out of the rest of that batch of wool so my scarf came out a little shorter than I might have liked, but it's still fine to bundle under a coat...

Ta-dah!! The finished product, all fluffy and warm and woolly. This took me from Christmas day til about the 2nd Jan to complete, which really surprised me. My mum was found craftily knitting away at it on a few mornings when she thought I wasn't looking, but I think I did the majority of it! The nicest part about this Christmas present was that mama has now rediscovered her long lost love for knitting and has joined a group, and it's now also a shared passion for us.


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