Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Advent Calendar

I decided to make an advent calendar for this festive period out of some vintage fabric I bought from ebay.
Unfortunately I didn't manage to take any pics of the process but I'll try my best to explain how I did it.

Step 1: I drew 5 different festive shapes, I plumped for stoking, star, present, heart and tree. Cut them out of the fabric and cut two shapes for each day.
Step 2: I added some ribbon on the front of the present shape so that it didn't just look like a box!
Step 3: Sew the two shapes together to make a pouch, allowing for an opening big enough for your selected chocolates.
Step 4: Fill with chocolate (obviously the best bit!) I used a mixture of chocolate coins, santas and lindt bears.
Step 5: I tied some string round the front of our kitchen table and then pegged the shapes on.

And hey presto......Advent Calendar!

Festive Greetings
Lucy xxx

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  1. Umm... You missed out the step where you threw a glass of rose all over these lovely shapes due to an ill-directioned gesture!!